1. It’s a bit weird being a PS4 owner now (going on 2 weeks) after being so much more into my Xbox 360 than my PS3.

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  3. My extra PS4 key (Americas only)
    PSN: NetworkShadow

  4. playstation:

    The Destiny Beta Approaches

    Pre-order to enter the beta this Thursday, only on PlayStation. Full details.

    Got my beta key for PS4. I need to expand my PSN friends list though.


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  6. chrisdwoo:

    Toby Froud and Heather Henson teamed up to make a film and here’s the trailer! Toby Froud is the son of Brian and Wendy Froud who are well known for their designs for The Dark Crystal as well as their books on trolls, fairies, and goblins. Toby Froud was also the little kid in The Labyrinth! Heather Henson is Jim Henson’s daughter so this is a bit of a 2nd generation Muppet thing going on. You can definitely see the influences. Looks rather cool.

    Lessons Learned Trailer

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  7. No Man’s Sky

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  8. A video series by GameSpot about a game I’m super excited for.


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  11. playstation:

    No Man’s Sky

    This game looks like it was made for me.

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  13. New Mass Effect in the works! E3 2014 teaser

    Maybe the most exciting announcement from E3.